Hera Seoul Fashion Week, Day 3

Hera Seoul Fashion Week:   Songzio S/S 2016 Collection

Hera Seoul Fashion Week: Songzio S/S 2016 Collection

Let me start off by saying my first day attending Seoul Fashion Week was verrrrry interesting. First and foremost, I woke up later than I wanted to so I could properly leave my house without leaving anything. However, that did not happen. I left a very vital item to my day. I left behind Stash (my Nikon D5200) energy pack, her battery. How in the hell did I manage to do that? Well, charging it over night was the mistake...lol...but it's all good. Leaving my battery forced me to actually network within the Korean photographers of this fashion event. 

Besides leaving my battery behind, I actually had an excellent train ride doing my makeup and being watched by many Korean women as if I was doing a tutorial. It is always intriguing seeing what other cultures find fascinating about my culture even from the simplest things. 

Oh, yeah! How could I possibly forget that I can do what they do, which is walk outside with a skirt med-weight jacket while the wind blows and sun shows no shine. Needless to say my body cursed me out for thinking that I had Atlanta weather in an entirely different country (lol). 

Well, the intro to my SFW Day 1 journey was rather entertaining, but now on to the main events.....looking at Korea's fashion trends for 2016/17 Fall & Winter collections.

Stay tuned for more Seoul Fashion Week blog posts.